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What I Need:

What I Need:

22 de Septiembre de 2009

What I Need:

Autor: Reinaldo A. Ojeda C.

I really really need,
A slowly sweet kiss;
And touching your hands,
Feel your heart pumping around.

I really really need,
Stay with you and my feelings;
Remember what love is,
If it is anything at all.

Some singer use to said,
It takes a minut fall in love,
But it takes a life to know what love is;
I think he's rigth.

Staying with my thinks,
I use to stay alone;
But now you are in those things,
That in my mind live on.

Rigth now i'm thinking of you,
And close my eyes to see;
How your smile just fits,
With your sweet sweet lips.

And what i really need,
Is someone like u;
Special among all the things,
Lovely girl of sweet dreams.

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